ENOVIA Enterprise Integration enables real-time collaboration between product engineering and manufacturing with bi-directional data exchange and sharing of part, bill-of-material, operational, manufacturing cost and inventory data.


Most companies have standardized on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems for product planning and product engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for managing manufacturing and financial operations. Both types of systems rely on product information typically represented in the form of a bill-of-material (BOM). It is also typical for both systems to allow data modifications to be made at different stages of the product lifecycle.


As such, companies need both a process and technology strategy to keep product information synchronized without impacting product development innovation and manufacturing operations efficiency.


Stratus-X offers PLM/ERP connectors from Dassault Systemes including ENOVIA X-BOM for SAP and ENOVIA X-BOM for Oracle Manufacturing. We also offer in-house developed connectors for most major ERP systems. 

Key Benefits

Main Benefits Include:


  • Provides a seamless information flow between ENOVIA and one or more ERP instances


  • Eliminate data entry errors e by automatically exchanging “work in process” product information, such as preliminary BOM structures


  • Provide product engineering with early access to manufacturing operations data in real time and in the context of their work


  • Enable end-to-end data and process management without disruption to established system capabilities


  • Eliminate unnecessary duplication of work and improve re-use by providing access to data from each system


  • Provide early warnings for long lead-time components and potential manufacturing design issues by providing manufacturing engineers with visibility to preliminary BOM structures




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