ENOVIA Change Management saves time and money by enabling companies to efficiently define, standardize and execute change management processes across multiple business functions. Its process methodology covers the complete scope of a change from concept, planning, design, and manufacturing to final product delivery and release.

Increasing business, product and process complexities affect operating margins and are driving companies to find business solutions which foster innovation and improve efficiencies.  In most industries today, the complexity and rate at which new products need to be developed has already out-paced the rate at which many companies can produce them.


One of the significant bottlenecks in the global product development process is in the identification, analysis, approval and implementation of product changes.  As new products are introduced, which often times have market specific functions and options, the change management challenge is compounded.


A key enabler of realizing the benefits of global product development best practices is establishing a standard global change process for all of the business functions involved.  Multiple, inefficient, non-standard change processes and systems cause significant delays in product introduction through miscommunication, labor intensive, error prone data entry, and validation of changes across multiple change systems.  Companies need to implement a scalable change methodology that can evolve and adapt to global growth strategies.


ENOVIA Change Management enables companies to address a number of key business challenges related to global product development:


  • Consolidate and optimize change board meetings and decisions by establishing a unified change process across domains.

  • Clearly communicate change decisions across all impacted organizations.

  • Improve change visibility and communication between global teams.

  • Reduce the time and cost associated with iterative, error prone change orchestration and synchronization scenarios with intelligent change management rules and automation.

Key Benefits
  • Establish a set of standards and change procedures for the entire enterprise to follow.


  • Orchestrate and synchronize change scenarios from product governance to work-in-process activities while maintaining strict controls and traceability.


  • Establish a unified change processes across domains that clearly communicate change decisions across all impacted organizations.


  • Support a consistent, systems-based, multi-discipline change process.


  • Ensure a full assessment of a proposed change is done to avoid costly changes that do not have overall benefits to the organization and company.

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