CATIA 3D Master  enables a complete design definition directly on the 3D model (also known as Model Based Definition), eliminating the duplicated efforts due to the 2D drawing generation, update and interpretation. The Semantic Tolerancing Advisor guides the designer to create a consistent 3D definition of the product, compliant with standards such as ISO, ANSI/ASME and JIS.
Non electronics exchanges with 2D drawings printing is still supported while the master definition remains in 3D. By enabling to save specifications, tolerances and annotations in international 3D data exchange standards such as STEP, CATIA 3D Master enables the Product and Manufacturing Information to be 100% in 3D.

Full 3D model based definition ensures consistency between 3D design and 2D tolerances and annotations


  • Allows a full Tolerancing of the product from parts up to assembly level.


  • The Semantic Tolerancing Advisor guides the designer to be compliant with standards such as ISO, ANSI/ASME and JIS


  • Eases the 3D definition understanding with a cross-highlight of the 3D geometry and related annotations


  • Protects the company know-how and Intellectual Property (IP) thanks to 3D data filtering capabilities


  • Exports 3D master definition to STEP format


  • Improves the productivity for part’s family by an easy duplication of 3D tolerances and annotations


  • Re-uses any 2D definition to support conceptual design in 3D 


  • Generates drawings on demand

Key Benefits
  • Eliminates works to generate and update 2D documents accordingly to the 3D geometry definition


  • 100% Product Manufacturing information in 3D for accurate & annotated geometric definition 


  • Better compliance with regulations & standards


  • Increases the quality of manufactured products with less Tolerancing and drawing interpretation errors


  • Natural path from 2D definition to a full 3D definition


  • Feeds directly downstream applications like Manufacturing & work instructions

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