ENOVIA Program Management allows companies to target zero delays with their product planning and development processes to achieve optimal cycle times within scope, capacity and resource constraints.  Organizations can concentrate on the most profitable products while standardizing on best-in-class business processes across the extended enterprise. 
ENOVIA Program Management simplifies how project tasks status, risks and issues are communicated. Project governance occurs “invisibly” as users complete their product development activities.


ENOVIA Program Management uniquely accomplishes zero delays by linking product development data to project execution.  In effect, project management becomes data-driven by being linked with the product portfolio.  When the two processes are disconnected with different technologies, there are multiple projects being defined and tracked, but they are not grounded in the reality of the product data that is being created as part of the project.  As a result, it is difficult to understand or contain execution issues related to product planning decisions or portfolio issues related to execution problems.


ENOVIA Program Management makes the updating of project task status part of the same 3DEXPERIENCE® system used to develop and manage the content delivered to fulfill the project task. When users can report task status via their normal activities, the concept of “invisible governance” is enabled. The alternative to “invisible governance” is team members communicating status through informal approaches like e-mail, or project managers being forced to manually collect and compile status updates. This is effort intensive and very time consuming. Further, the information is always out-of-date since progress goes on immediately after status is reported. Inefficiency and poor/late data makes effective decisions a matter or intuition rather than data-driven. Project Team Member eliminates these issues.

Key Benefits
  • Real-time access to project pipelines for rapid analysis and decision making

  • Minimize resource conflicts and bottlenecks through better management visibility of project resource requests from across the enterprise

  • Drive phased-base decision making process using best-in-class process templates with predefined phases, gates and milestones

  • Improve execution and oversight of complex product development activities by decomposing projects into smaller manageable projects with visibility to sub-project dependencies

  • Improve resource decisions with real-time visibility to current and future assignments

  • Manage development of new products through a product roadmap

  • Manage project time tracking and reporting

  • Dashboard projects and assigned tasks in IFWE Compass

  • Collaborate on task deliverables with real time reporting on actual status for assigned project tasks along with easily tracking critical tasks

  • Mitigate and report status on assigned project risks

  • Capture and execute ad-hoc project risks

  • Track meetings, decisions, and artifact baselines so that traceability is established for historical reference

  • Provide input during gate review meetings

  • Capture and submit weekly time sheets against a project for management approval

  • Manage Documents and Content

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